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Empowering NGOs for efficient social rights' advocacy

NVO stiprināšana efektīvai sociālo tiesību aizstāvībai
01/06/2018 - 31/10/2019

Short description of the project

The project will be implemented in the Baltic Sea region by 8 non-governmental organizations from Latvia, Russia (the Kaliningrad Region), Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Norway.

The overall objective of this project is to deepen the understanding of the role of civil society and to empower the NGO network to contribute to the strengthening of the social and health promotion sector by applying the basic principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and other social rights instruments.

One training seminar, 7 seminars / practical workshops and one open conference will take place in partner countries in order to implement four project tasks. These activities will improve the knowledge and skills of the target group (16 NGO experts in the social and health promotion sector) and strengthen the partners' capacity for cooperation and advocacy of topical interests in state institutions and municipalities; the dissemination of information within the Baltic Sea region on the role and opportunities of NGOs in advocacy in decision-making processes will be ensured through brochures consisting of summarized NGO experts' conclusions. The planned project budget is DKK 444550, co-funding of the Nordic Council of Ministers DKK 310000 included.

Project partners

● Latvia

EAPN-Latvia, Association
● Russia

Union of Women of the Kaliningrad Region
● Belarus

Local Foundation for Promotion of International
Dialogue and Cooperation "Interakcia"
● Poland

Stowarzyszenie Vesuvio
● Estonia

Eesti People to People
● Lithuania

Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union
● Denmark

Odense Aftenskole
● Norway

People to People Norway

Project team


● Laila Balga, project manager

● Baiba Giptere, project coordinator

● Maris Kalejs, IT administrator


● Nina Tumanyan, project coordinator

● Marina Borisova, project coordinator



● Olga Gravem, project coordinator


● Marina Matiunina, project coordinator


● Alina Stadnik, project coordinator


● Ruta Pels, project coordinator

● Aldona Droseikiene, project coordinator


● Jan Johansen, project coordinator

NGO experts in the social and health promotion sector


● Marite Rozentale

● Jānis Stjadja

● Elina Alere-Fogele

● Diana Jasinska

● Santa Survila, Aleksandrs Nikoļins

● Ilga Liepina


● Irina Jacenko

● Elena Glotova

● Natalya Anosova


● Dziyana Liashkevich

Sviatlana Poddubnaya

Alena Zhdaniuk

Volha Varazhun

Yuliya Kukhtsinskaya

Nastassia Ryzhankova


● Wlodzimierz Stadnik


● Leonid Smulskiy


● Dalia Kairiene

● Rasa Malinauskaite



● Jette Mellgren

● Helle Steensgaar Klodskov



● Maria Razmyslovich


Project main activities

06-07/08/2019 Tallinn, Estonia - Seminar/Workshop of NGO experts
05.08.2019. EAPN-Latvia Tallinn Participants (.pdf) >>
05-08.08.2019. NCM Estonia program Tallinn (.pdf) >>
05-08.08.2019. NCM Tallinn Questionnaire (.doc) >>

07.08.2019. Workshop evaluation meeting

07.08.2019. Study visit to the Parliament of Estonia

07.08.2019. Study tour in Tallinn’s Old Town: Downtown and Upper Town

06.08.2019. Signing of the long-term cooperation agreement between Latvia and Belarus

06.08.2019. Round-table meeting at the Tallinn City Council

06.08.2019. Program participants’ meeting in Tallinn


06-08/06/2019 Rzeszow, Poland - Seminar/Workshop of NGO experts
05.06.2019. EAPN-Latvia Rzeszow Participants (.pdf) >>
06.-08.06.2019. NCM Rzeszow Program (.pdf) >>
08.06.2019. NCM Rzeszow Questionnaire (.doc) >>

08.06.2019. Walking tour in Rzeszow, visiting Lancut Palace

07.06.2019. Study visit to the House for mentally disabled people

07.06.2019. Study visit to the House of Social Support

06.06.2019. Study visit to the Daily Center for Seniors


05-08/05/2019 Bergen, Norway - Seminar/Workshop of NGO experts
04.05.2019. EAPN-Latvia Bergen Participants (.pdf) >>
03-08.05.2019. NCM Norway program Bergen final (.pdf) >>
08.05.2019. NCM Bergen Questionnaire (.doc) >>

07.05.2019. Visiting Helgeseter, Sædalen, Bergen municipality

06.05.2019. Visiting Folkeuniversitetet in Bergen

05.05.2019. Sightseeing in Bergen

04.05.2019. Program participants’ meeting in Bergen


07-08/02/2019 Odense, Denmark
07-08.02.2019. Denmark, Odense -  Program (.pdf) >>
07-08.02.2019 Denmark, Odense - Participant list (.pdf) >>
08.02.2019. NCM Odense Questionnaire (.doc) >>

08.02.2019. Workshop at the non-formal adult education centre "1748" in Odense

08.02.2019. Visiting Odense Women's Centre "Reden"

08.02.2019. Workshop in the Odense Municipality

07.02.2019. Visiting “HF & VUC Fyn” - Odense adult education centre

07.02.2019. Workshop in Galleri Galschiot

07.02.2019. Workshop in Odense Aftenskole

07.02.2019. Odense. Visit to museum BRANDTS


● 06-07/12/2018 Vilnius, Lithuania
- EAPN-Latvia Programme Vilnius 06.12.2018 (.pdf) >>
- NCM Vilnius Questionnaire 07.12.2018 (.doc) >>
- EAPN-Latvia Vilnius Participants 07.12.2018 (.pdf) >>

07.12.2018. Workshop closing. Visit to Vilnius TV Tower

07.12.2018. Round Table Discussion - Meeting with Lithuanian MP, Government Representatives and Lithuanian NGOs

07.12.2018. Excursion in the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas)

06.12.2018. Visit to Vilnius Municipality

06.12.2018. Visit to the Association Vilnius Women's House

06.12.2018. Meeting with representatives of Fabijoniskes community association


● 24-26/10/2018 Riga, Latvia
- EAPN-Latvia Programma 24-26.10.2018 LAT (.pdf) >>
- EAPN-Latvia Programme 24-26.10.2018 ENG (.pdf) >>
- Riga_List of participants 24.10.2018 (.pdf) >>
- NCM Riga Questionnaire 26.10.2018 (.doc) >>

26.10.2018. Evaluation meeting in Riga

24.10.2018. Workshop of NGO experts in Riga


● 26-28/09/2018 Kaliningrad, Russia
- List of participants 26-28.09.2018. Meetings in Kaliningrad (.pdf) >>
- NCM Kaliningrad Agenda 26-28.09.2018. (.pdf) >>
- NCM Kaliningrad Questionnaire 28.09.2018. (.docx) >>

Seminar of NGO experts. Program closing

Workshop of NGO experts at Svetlogorsk

Workshop of NGO experts at Yantarniy

Workshop of NGO experts at Vershkovo village, Yantarniy

Workshop of NGO experts in Kaliningrad


● 02/2019 - 04/2019 Tallinn, Estonia
Seminar/Workshop of NGO experts

● 07/2019 - 09/2019 Minsk, Belarus
Project evaluation conference
Project closing


Project results

EAPN-Latvia NCM Interim Report 2018 (.pdf) >>

From June 1st to December 8th 2018.

Within the framework of project activities in the NGO Network of the Baltic Sea region (which consists of 8 organisations from 8 countries) within 6 months the experiences were shared, debates took place, knowledge and skills were improved and information was gathered from the representatives and experts of the Latvian, Russian (Kaliningrad), Belarusian, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian and Danish NGOs on the empowering of NGOs in order to provide advocacy in social and health sector, to develop cooperation with local governments (municipalities), state institutions and other non-governmental organisations. The content of the project activities was based on explaining the basic principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights and on promoting compliance with these principles in decision-making processes both in the non-governmental sector and in public administration.

Three project activities involved the target group consisting of 33 NGO experts and project managers who attended 6 NGOs, 5 municipal and 2 state institutions in Russia (Kaliningrad region), Latvia and Lithuania. In the process, they gathered the experience in advocacy of NGO interests and capacity. One training seminar on the European Pillar of Social Rights was organized in Kaliningrad, Russia, with participation of 7 project managers and 11 NGO experts; 3 seminars / practical workshops were organized in Kaliningrad region, Russia, with participation of 7 project managers and 11 NGO experts; 3 seminars/ practical workshops were organized in Riga, Latvia, with participation of 1 project coordinator and 14 NGO experts. 4 seminars / practical workshops were organized in Vilnius, Lithuania, with participation of 2 project managers and 9 NGO experts.

After each project activity its evaluation took place by conducting a survey of the participants of this activity; the participants filled in a questionnaire form on the opportunities of NGOs in the processes of strengthening social rights.


Publication events [1] (Russian) [2] (English)

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People to People International Europe

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