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ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships


Building a Network to Boost Social Secure Europe - BOSS
Tīkla veidošana, lai veicinātu sociālo drošību Eiropā - BOSS

01/09/2020 - 30/06/2022

Project Summary

BOSS project will be implemented over a 22-month period by ten non-governmental organisations from European countries. The planned funding of the Erasmus+ program is 115970 EUR.


Civil society organizations from BOSS partner countries have established a quality framework for fighting against poverty and social exclusion, are the most familiar with the needs of their target groups and have an understanding of gender equality issues. However, the influence of these organizations regarding the promotion of social security across Europe is insufficient due to the lack of a strengthened cooperation network. The poverty reduction target through the social inclusion policies of the European Strategy 2020 and the national reform programs has not been achieved. The leading staff from the BOSS organizations have the need for the new knowledge and understanding in the field of social inclusion related to the new targets set in the European Union, which are reflected in the Annual Convention "Social Europe post 2020", European Pillar of Social Rights, Agenda 2030, Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025, Nordic and national programs.

Partners have set the following OBJECTIVES:

1) to establish a cooperation network of European organizations for the promotion of social security and to strategically strengthen the capacity of this Network;
2) to promote the BOSS partners', stakeholders', the non-governmental sector's and the general public's understanding of the BOSS network's tasks by ensuring the availability of relevant information;
3) to increase the knowledge of BOSS partner organizations' employees and volunteer leaders about the social inclusion strategies;
4) to ensure the exchange of experience for the BOSS partner organizations' employees and volunteers on the possibilities of implementing social rights and gender equality.


Project partners


● Latvia

EAPN-Latvia, Association
● Estonia

Eesti People to People
● Sweden

b-Creative Cultural Association
● Poland

Stowarzyszenie Vesuvio
● Norway

Velferds Alliansen
● Denmark

Interfolk - Institute for civil Society
● France

Mitra France
● Italy

Coordinamento Toscano Marginalita
● Cyprus

Women's Socialist Movement
● Romania

Novapolis Association - Center for Analysis and Development Initiatives


Project team


● Laila Balga, Project Coordinator

● Inguna Lapsina, Financial Manager

● Maris Kalejs, IT Manager

● Aigars Sveicers, Project Manager


● Alina Maria Stadnik,
   Project Manager

● Wlodzimierz Andrzej Stadnik,
   Project Manager



● Ingmarie Rohdin,
   Project Manager

● Åsa Hedlin Olsson,

● Cristina, Responsible for marketing and networking


● Eleni N. Karaoli,
   Project Manager

● Roulla Mavronikola,
   Project Manager

● Sylia Kirmitsi,
   Project Manager


● Ruta Pels, Project Manager

● Leonid Smulskiy, Publicity Manager



● Honoratte BNN Muhanzi,
   Project Manager

● Frøydis Petersen Jensen,



● Hans Jorgen Vodsgaard,
   Project Manager

● Ole Meldgaard,
   Project Manager


● Pavel Smulski, Project Manager


● Aurica-Iris Alexe, Project Manager


Target group - NGO participants

The BOSS network will involve a direct target group - at least 62 employees (project managers, experts, board members, etc., 50% of all - women), and also an indirect target group - at least 20 participants from Cypriot NGOs.


Summary of the ACTIVITIES:

1) four Transnational Project Meetings (Project Opening Conference and a Workshop in Cyprus, two BOSS Capacity Building in Italy and Sweden, one Evaluation Meeting in Estonia);

2) six short-term joint staff training events (two seminars on awareness and strategies for social inclusion in France and Latvia; four exchange of experience events in ensuring social rights in Norway, Poland, Denmark and Romania).


Project calendar and main activities

1. October 2020, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Transnational Projects Meeting: Erasmus+ Project Opening Conference.

2. January 2021, Florence, Italy.
Transnational Projects Meeting: BOSS Capacity Building.

3. February 2021, Nice, France.
Short-term joint staff training events: Training on awareness and strategies for social inclusion.

4. March 2021, Bromolla, Sweden.
Transnational Projects Meeting: BOSS Capacity Building.

5. April 2021, Riga, Latvia.
Short-term joint staff training events: Training on awareness and strategies for social inclusion.

6. May 2021, Oslo, Norway.
Short-term joint staff training events: Exchange of experience in ensuring social rights in Norway.

7. August 2021, Rzeszow, Poland.
Short-term joint staff training events: Exchange of experience in ensuring social rights in Poland.

8. November 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Short-term joint staff training events: Exchange of experience in ensuring social rights in Denmark.

9. March 2022, Bucharest, Romania.
Short-term joint staff training events: Exchange of experience in ensuring social rights in Romania.

10. May 2022, Tallinn, Estonia.
Transnational Projects Meeting: BOSS Evaluation Meeting.


Planned methodology

This project will be coordinated by EAPN-Latvia, by attracting at least three administrative employees and the appropriate material and technical resources, by summarizing the results of the project activities and partners' proposals and by ensuring publicity and the dissemination of the project results. The partners plan to organize the activities in all countries (one event in each country) by attracting administrative staff, lecturers, consultants and moderators, as well as by providing the material and technical resources, ensuring publicity and the dissemination of results. All partners will ensure the planned number of participants for the events and will organize the target group surveys. For all activities the partners intend to provide handouts with the relevant content.


Project implementation

● 11.02.2021. Partners Online Meeting



1) a cooperation network of ten European NGOs will be established in order to promote social security in Europe;
2) previous experiences and recommendations for increasing the capacity of the BOSS Network will be summarized;
3) the understanding of the BOSS Network's objectives will be promoted for ten project partners and at least 2000 stakeholders;
4) 18 NGO employees will have the increased awareness and knowledge of social inclusion, social rights and gender equality;
5) 44 NGO employees will have increased knowledge and improved practical experience on the implementation of the basic principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

BOSS project will influence the social security policy at both national and European level and direct it towards reducing poverty and social exclusion through the establishment of a European cooperation network of NGOs, the growth of partners and staff from these NGOs, and through raising the stakeholders' awareness of the BOSS Network's objectives.

Long-term benefits
1. The availability of the partners' informative summaries on social security in European countries.
2. Improved knowledge of the ten partner organizations' employees on social inclusion and the implementation of the basic principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights;
3. Improved motivation of the BOSS Network's members and opportunities to develop new adult education projects in the field of social inclusion and gender equality.


Results achieved



Publication events

Be Creative (Sweden) presentation (.pdf) >>

Boss Velferds Alliansen (Norway) presentation (.pdf) >>




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